- Thursday May 26th 2016 -
Here is your opportunity to make even more things happen for LLCGS. We have projects planned for the coming months to support our mission to:
Preserve, Educate and Promote Genealogy
Last year LLCGS received over $1500 from our members and supporters. With those contributions we have been able to purchase a dedicated computer and large flat-bed scanner. Volunteers have been digitizing records from our library.  They are scanning and indexing original early 1900 Lancaster County Probate Records which will be made available via the LLCGS website to members and the public!
Our 2016 project involves scanning thousands of marriage records so these digital records can be preserved and obtained by researchers. Recall how much we appreciate obtaining records others have preserved!  We will again be working with Union College students trained to do careful scanning and recording. The cost could approach $5,000.00 so give generously. You may think of amounts of $40.00 and multiples of that amount to celebrate the 40th anniversary of LLCGS!
If you choose to do a paper contribution, you may write your check anytime and bring it to an LLCGS event or meeting. Or contact Judi Cook at 402-416-9139 and make plans to get your donation picked up. It does not have to be post dated for May 26. Make the check payable to Lincoln Community Foundation and write LLCGS in the memo line. You may also give more than once!
So mark your calendar!
Join others and help LLCGS preserve even more records this coming year!! 

June Monthly Evening Meeting

Thursday, June 16
Vital Clues: Alternate Sources for Death Information  
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
First Lutheran Church, 1551 S 70th St., Lincoln
Presented by: Eva Burns Bachman, PhD.
Are you having trouble finding a death date for your ancestor?  Maybe you need to expand your search and think outside the box! Eva Burns Bachman will review some sources you may not have thought of to use in the search for that elusive death date for your family member.

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Guests with genealogy interests are welcome

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Upcoming Events
Thursday, May. 26th
Give To Lincoln Day - 24-hr Give-A-Thon
This program has provided LLCGS with additional funds to carry out vital community record preservation for the last 2 years.  Let's keep a good thing going!  We have an amazing opportunity to scan vital community records this summer using "Give to Lincoln Day Funds." Watch for a blast email detailing how to ...
Friday, May. 27th
Writer's Group Time Travelers
This  group provides an encouraging and supportive atmosphere to practice, develop, and share writing skills. Facilitated by Ruth Briney. Contact Ruth at for additional information. Group meets twice monthly. 
Thursday, Jun. 2nd
First Thursday Discussion Group
Discussion groups are great for motivation, idea exchanges and specific questions related to our genealogical research.  Our leaders welcome simple as well as complex questions and strive to assist folks who attend.  Frequently we learn as other share their discoveries and experience a sense of shared success in our quests for ...
Sunday, Jun. 5th
Free Introduction to Genealogy Opportunity
If you have wondered how you could learn more about your family history or wished you knew if some of your family stories could be true, this session is for you.  If you are curious about where your ancestors lived before coming to the U.S. or wonder who those folks ...
Sunday, Jun. 12th
Great Photos of Cemeteries and Former Towns
Dennis Zabel will bring photos to share of cemeteries, "ghost towns" and other sites of interest to genealogists to give us ideas of how to preserve our own history and the history of ancestral communities.   Come and enjoy!
Wednesday, Jun. 15th
Third Wednesday Discussion Group
  Discussion groups can be immediate sources of assistance with our brick walls, can inspire us to keep going and can interest in new techniques and approaches.....and they are free! Join this helpful group hosted by Mary Lou Andersen.  For more information contact Mary Lou at ...