Our Purpose
The purpose of this society is to provide education and guidance in genealogical research, to stimulate and encourage an interest in genealogy and family history, and to promote the collection and preservation of records of historical and/or genealogical value.

Operating Year: September 2023 - August 2024

Board of Directors
President: Bob McQuistan
VP Membership: Sinda Dux
VP Programs: Marcia Stewart
Secretary: Donna Harr
Treasurer: Claudia Severin
Information Technology: Al Harlow
Director: Becky Martin
Newsletter: Susan Dunn
President: Bob McQuistan
Vice President for Membership: Sinda Dux
Vice President for Programs/Ed: Teresa Shane
Secretary: Donna Harr
Treasurer: Claudia Severin
Committee Chairs
Audit: Nancy J Eckles
Awards: Royann Schroeder
Bylaws: Phyllis Ericson
Library: Cindy Cochran
Membership: Sinda Dux
Newsletter: Susan Dunn
Nomination: Tom McFarland
Programs/Education: Marcia Stewart
Projects: Judi Cook
Publicity: Corinne Jacox
Web Site: Al Harlow