Membership Benefits

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society is open to anyone interested in genealogy and history or who has ancestors from this area of Nebraska. Resources, education, and camaraderie are all part of being involved with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society. But, there are many additional benefits when you become a member. Whether thousands of miles away or right here in Nebraska, you can enjoy benefits by membership in the Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society. 
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Connect with other members through the LLCGS website
  • Access to previous presentations on this website
  • Timely email notifications, updates and reminders of special opportunities available such as community resources, access to limited-time promotions, upcoming webinars, regional workshops.
  • Notification of library additions and newly donated materials
  • Ability to add names to the LLCGS surname registry.
  • Elect officers as well as vote on pertinent issues in the society
Becoming a member is a meaningful way to give back to the society. Many of the society’s historical records collection and preservation projects are funded by membership fees.