To the Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society!
Our mission:  Preserve the Past for Future Generations.
We are a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting genealogy,
engaging members, and preserving records. Whether you have Lancaster
County connections or not, join us as you explore your family history.
Genealogy Library Hours
 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 1-3 p.m. 
If you are visiting the area, please stop in and see us.
Non-members welcome!
Contact: library@llcgs.info  or call 531-249-5939 
2900 'O' Street, Lower Level
If the Lincoln Public Schools are closed due to weather, the library will also be closed.

MEMBERSHIP Dues Highlights
To become a member or retain membership with LLCGS the following applies:
Member(one person) - $20
Family/Household (more than one person at residence) - $25
Payment can be made by check or by PayPal.
Current members will receive a reminder email from Sinda Dux, our VP for
Membership, prior to the month of the anniversary date so they can pay their dues
on time.
If you want to become a new member, please go to the Membership menu option
on the left side of this page.  When the new window opens, below Membership
on the left will be four options:
Join Online, Renew Online, Join by Mail and Renew by Mail. 
Questions can be forwarded to (duxs2001@yahoo.com or contact@llcgs.info ).
As a volunteer organization, we are dependent on membership dues and donations
for our sustainability and you are always welcome to make a donation to the Society.  
This can be done through Paypal by choosing the “Donate” button at the bottom of
this page or you can send a check to LLCGS, P.O. Box 30055, Lincoln, NE  68503.

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If you are making an ONLINE DONATION to LLCGS, you may wish to
cover associated fees with this kind of transaction.  Using PayPal to donate,
fees include a fixed cost of $.49 and a percentage of the donated amount at
1.99%.  For example if you wish to donate $10 to LLCGS, consider making your
online transaction $10.70.  This ensures LLCGS receives the full $10 amount
for about the added cost of a first class postage stamp.
Other donation upside calculations as a helpful tool:
$20 - $20.91
$25 - $26.01
$30 - $36.21
$40 - $41.31
 Donate to LLCGS  

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Upcoming Events
Friday, Jul. 26th
Time Travelers Writing Group
Writing "Memories into Memoirs for Posterity"   We will learn to Find Your Ancestors with a Library Tour by Cindy Cochran, librarian. Phyllis Ericson will demonstrate some Tips & Tricks for Finding and Saving Ancestor Records and Your Stories. As time permits we will conclude with personal research time at the library. ...
Sunday, Aug. 4th
Finding Early Ancestors (1550-1800)
Do you have British ancestors? Then this group is for you!  Phyllis Ericson will lead this group through these essential research topics. During the year we will work back through 500 years of British history. We'll discover how events affected the lives of our ancestors.  To help focus your research, the best sources for ...
Tuesday, Aug. 6th
German Research Special Interest Group
Welcome German researchers!  This is an organizational meeting.  Join our discussion group with your questions and experience to help us plot out our course.     Register Here
Friday, Aug. 9th
Time Travelers Writing Group
Writing "Memories into Memoirs for Posterity"   Are you interested in writing your memoirs or your ancestor’s stories?  This group meets twice monthly to share their short stories. New members welcome.  
Friday, Aug. 23rd
Time Travelers Writing Group
Writing "Memories into Memoirs for Posterity"   Tina Wells will give us a tour of the Family History Center and then help us with research. Find out how to access more ancestor records from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City using the FHC 's computer link. Access other subscription genealogical ...
Sunday, Aug. 25th
LLCGS Member Meeting and Program: Your German Ancestor’s Journey
Our meeting will include: Business Meeting Installation of Officers for FY 2024-2025 Program:  Your German Ancestor’s Journey Where did your ancestors come from?  How did they get here?  When did they come?  Why did they come?  So many questions!  Do you know the answers?  Want to learn more?   When you ...